Flower Peppers are one of the most recognizable flavors in Szechuan food. When cooking, the aroma is unmistakable and their tingling, numbing flavor has been loved for millennia. The use of flower peppers in Szechuan cooking dates back earlier than the Spice Trade, before other peppers and flavours were introduced to China. That makes the fiery little peppercorn one of the most time-honored ingredients in Szechuan regional cuisine. The people may change and bring their own influence to Szechuan cuisine, but the unique flower pepper will resonate for years to come as the principle ingredient in all things Szechuan.
    Flower Peppers Szechuan Bistro was born embracing the deep heritage of Szechuan cuisine. Our mission is to incorporate traditional and flavorful ingredients with conventional cooking methods to bring the original Szechuan taste to our guests. It is our everyday goal to offer real Szechuan food made of quality ingredients to the Los Angeles area and eventually, the rest of the world.
    Our menu is full of Szechuan favourites, including our signature Clay Pot dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in Los Angeles!
    The same way our prized Clay Pot dishes bring together exceptional spices and ingredients, we wish to bring together quality and phenomenal flavors. With many of our dishes, you will need to dig in and use your hands to fully enjoy the food and experience. Don’t be shy!
    Flower Peppers is friendly to vegans, vegetarians, and those seeking gluten-free options. Flower Peppers Szechuan Bistro is your local gateway to true Szechuan food.